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About Us

Why Bank at Ann Arbor State Bank?

Having opened on January 14, 2009, we’re not the new bank on the block any more.
In fact, we never really were. We hit the ground running and started by hiring a talented
group of experienced bankers and lenders whose focus is on getting to know you and
determining how we can help you meet your financial goals and needs.  We paired
our people with an array of products and services that are structured in a simple and
easy to understand manner. We can give you the sophisticated tools you need to
access your account. Online banking, remote deposit capture, mobile banking apps,
and mobile deposit are services that give you the opportunity to bank on your own time.
We understand that access to cash is still important, and since we have only two ATMs,
we have a program that will rebate some of those fees you receive when you
use another bank’s ATM.

Why make us your bank? Our knowledge, our commitment to service and most
importantly our people who will take time to know you, call you by name and answer
your call when you need us.

We are a true community bank and money that you deposit with us is lent back to our
communities both in Washtenaw and in Jackson counties. We have a team of mortgage
lenders that have been very successful in getting customers into new homes, helping
build houses, or just getting current mortgage loans refinanced with better rates or
better payment terms. Our commercial lending team can help you finance the start
of your business.  We work with the SBA or USDA to help you gain government
sponsored funding. Or perhaps you are ready to expand or need to purchase new
equipment, we’ve got the knowledge to work with you and help your business grow.

Our staff lives and supports the communities in Washtenaw and Jackson Counties
and reads like a Who’s Who of graduates from Huron, Father Gabriel Richard, Chelsea and Lumen Christi High Schools among others. We also have college alumni with a heavy dose of Wolverines along with an Eagle, a Bronco, a Spartan and even a Fighting Irishman to name a few.

Our bank is strong.

We are five star rated and have been consistently in the top 2%
of Michigan bank’s since the first year we opened.

Five star rated bank?

What does it mean to be a five star rated bank?

★★★★★  Superior (These institutions are on BauerFinancial’s Recommended Report.)

★★★★      Excellent (These institutions are on BauerFinancial’s Recommended Report.)

★★★          ½ Good (Banks only)

★★★           Adequate

★★               Problematic

★                  Troubled

Ann Arbor State Bank received its five star Superior rating from BAUERFINANCIAL, INC. Financial data is compiled for U.S. banks from reports that are required by
federal regulators.

All banks are subject to federal regulatory capital requirements, but those requirements vary among institutions and are dependent on many factors.  The rating is based on a bank’s profitability, the quality of its loan portfolio and liquidity. BAUERFINANCIAL, INC also evaluates a bank’s investments, and regulatory agreements and makes a forecast for risk of loss involved with the sale of securities and troubled assets, making this rating both comprehensive and dependable. For more information, you can visit: www.bauerfinancial.com


Contact Information
Assistant Vice President - Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS #813555
Direct: (734) 418-0588
Cell: (734) 604-7277
Fax: (734) 531-1129
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